What are your weaknesses?

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Surround yourself with people who compliment your weaknesses and personality and who bring different skills to your business and projects. This will definitely help and keep you on the right track especially during those times of doubt. 

I was browsing Facebook this morning and I stumbled upon a post in a group that was advertising available job positions at various companies. As a curious person, I couldn`t resist clicking on the post and checking the offers and requirements. 

After spending a few minutes looking around I ended up remembering the days I was going to interviews and the usual questions the recruiters would ask. 

What are your strengths? 

This was the first question that came to mind. What are indeed my strengths, and have they changed? If I was asked this question today, what would my answer be? I remember what I would have said a few years back – That I am hard-working, detail-oriented, and all those other empty and generic characteristics that are usually so nice to hear, but mean absolutely nothing. 

Today, however, my answer would sound more like this – “My strengths lie in my ability to organize and connect all marketing processes to form a synergy, which allows companies to create sustainable long term growth”. 

Ok, that sounds a lot better than “hard-working” right. If you had to answer this question now as a business owner, what would your answer be? 

I felt good about my answer so I moved on to the second favorite question. 

What are your weaknesses? 

Seriously, I am not even sure why recruiters ask this question. Who in their right mind would gloat about their weaknesses. At university we had several consultants visiting and teaching us what to say in interviews and how to say it. Their input on this was to find a weakness that doesn`t sound too bad and then say it with confidence. 

Something like “I focus too much on detail” or “I am a perfectionist”. Anything that would sound acceptable and hopefully get them to move on to the next question. Overwise, if you preferred to give a truthful answer it would sound something like, “I love to procrastinate”, or “I have a hard time focusing”. 

These are just examples so I sincerely hope you don’t say this in a job interview! Rather be safe and use the generic, uncontroversial answers instead. 

So like with the previous question, I started seriously thinking about what my answer would be today, and this came to mind – “When I identify a weakness that interferes with my work, I focus on turning it into a strength. So instead of it becoming a threat, I transform it into an opportunity”. 

I think we could all look at our weaknesses from this perspective. Yes, we don`t enjoy having flaws and imperfections, but we do possess them. And instead of hiding them, we should focus on converting them into something that could benefit us in the short or long term. 

Your weaknesses and your business 

What do your strengths and weaknesses have to do with running a business? Everything. 

As you may already know me (and if not, welcome, I look forward to getting to know you too!) I preach the idea that our personality, emotions, and character have an enormous influence over the actions we take for our business. Therefore, who we are will determine whether we are capable of building and sustaining a successful business. 

The truth is that there are quite a number of people that focus on their weaknesses and are constantly struggling to accept and improve them which has an enormous impact on their self-esteem. 

In his research, Dodgson is clear on one thing “People with high self-esteem (HSE) respond less negatively to failure than people with low self-esteem (LSE). This difference may occur because HSEs overcome the natural tendency to focus on negative thoughts after failure, and instead focus on their strengths” 

By now you already know that running a business means failing from time to time, and sometimes all the time, and if you respond negatively to this outcome, then it will be more likely that you give up and be back to your 9-5 job. 

What should you do? 

We all have weaknesses, even the most successful people. The goal should not be to get rid of your flaws, but instead, focus on your strengths, while improving those flaws. 

Also, a good tip would be to surround yourself with people who complement your weaknesses and personality and who bring different skills to your business and projects. This will definitely help and keep you on the right track especially during those times of doubt. 

Joanna Ata

I know how hard things can get when you are trying to figure out everything by yourself, but you shouldn`t. Being there myself I understand all the anxiety, fears, and desires that you have. For the past few years, I had the amazing chance to work closely with many different entrepreneurs and business owners, to be there for them, when there were ups and downs. Now I want to help as many people as possible to grow a successful business.