Discover Live

Discover Live is a company that offers virtual interactive tours for individuals and corporate clients, providing a unique experience to explore destinations worldwide without leaving home or office. With a mission of bringing people closer – to engage and interact with each other and the world around them. 

The company faced the challenge of improving their online visibility and engagement in a saturated digital market. Their goal was to increase organic traffic without relying on paid advertising. To achieve this, they needed a comprehensive strategy that focused on SEO and regular blog posting.

Liatto services used:

  • SEO

  • Ads Management (Meta & LinkedIn Ads)

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Creation


Increase in Site Sessions compared to 2023


 Increase in Organic Reach on Facebook compared to 2023


 Increase in Organic Reach on Instagram compared to 2023

The Results

We started with prioritizing SEO to increase organic traffic. Blog posting was one of the main things we did and we managed to get a very high ranking of some crucial keywords. Our collaboration with Discover Live is an example of how a consistent social media presence can make a difference in traffic.

Combining SEO and Social Media

Discover Live’s case demonstrates the strength of SEO Optimization and content marketing in improving online visibility and engagement. By focusing on these key areas, we helped them increase organic traffic and improve their digital presence, supporting their mission to connect people globally through live virtual tours.