Euro 1 Zone & Tri-Bio

Euro1Zone is a recognizable brand with numerous stores across Bulgaria, offering a comprehensive array of products through both its physical and online stores. TRI-BIO specializes in eco-friendly cleaning solutions that deliver the same efficacy as traditional chemical cleaners but without the harmful effects.

We helped both Tri-Bio and Euro1Zone create online stores and develop effective marketing strategies. They wanted to reach more customers, so we focused on presenting their products to new audiences. For Tri-Bio, we highlighted affordable, quality products for the Bulgarian market. For Euro1Zone, we emphasized their unique offerings to attract their target audience.

Liatto services used:

  • Ads Management (Meta & Google)
  • Organic post design
  • Social Media content

Average ROAS on all campaigns for Euro1Zone


CTR on Meta for Euro1Zone


Average ROAS on Meta for Tri-Bio

The Results

Just three months later after we started Euro1Zone, ROAS (return on ad spend) began to rise, and the ads converted an increasingly larger number of people.

Combining Social Media, Ads, and Email Marketing. 

We crafted a detailed marketing plan covering various aspects of digital marketing for Euro1Zone and Tri-bio. Focusing on Meta was key, as its audience closely matches our target demographic outlined in our strategy. We launched diverse advertising campaigns, each carefully designed and consistently refined for optimal impact and interaction.