Linked Senior

Linked Senior wanted to boost their online presence by reaching more people through organic methods. They planned to use LinkedIn Ads and improve their organic strategy to increase awareness about their innovative solutions. To reach their goals, Linked Senior needed a partner to develop and assist with their marketing strategies.

We began by prioritizing SEO optimization to boost organic growth. Agreeing on the potential of LinkedIn as a platform for professional engagement, we have started carefully managing LinkedIn Ads to target the right segments. Our ongoing guidance since 2022 on organic efforts is ensuring that Linked Senior is effectively engaging with their target audience.

Liatto services used:

  • SEO

  • Ads Management (LinkedIn Ads)

  • Video Editing


increase in traffic from organic search


reach of LinkedIn B2B ads with an average CPC of $0.83


increase in SEO-driven clicks, translating to 2,000 more clicks and 200,000 more organic views

The Results

Liatto implemented a two-pronged strategy. First, we worked on SEO optimization to boost their visibility in search engines and bring more organic traffic to Linked Senior site. At the same time, we managed LinkedIn Ads to reach and engage with the professional community, which is crucial for customer interactions.

Combining Social Media Ads and SEO Optimization.

Linked Senior’s case shows how strategic online marketing can boost the impact of creative solutions in the senior care industry. Through implementing chosen marketing activities, we have helped Linked Senior to grow online, supporting their mission to enhance life in senior communities.