Events, Consulting and Personal Brand

Mary Furlong & Associates

How to effectively engage the diverse audience was Mary Furlong & Associates’ biggest challenge in the rapidly evolving longevity market. Their goal was to solidify their position and improve client engagement through their website, social media, and advertising strategies.

Liatto provided Mary Furlong & Associates with a customized digital marketing strategy. We reviewed the organization’s website, made improvements to enhance user experience and engagement, and implemented targeted social media management practices and strategic ad management. Liatto also played a crucial role in promoting major longevity events organized by Mary Furlong & Associates. 

Liatto services used:

  • Corporate website development

  • Social Media Management

  • Ads Management

  • Branding and design


increase in website visits


CTR on LinkedIn B2B ads for the event attained a 25% engagement rate


surge in organic event-related social media engagement

The Results

Liatto and Mary Furlong & Associates are working collaboratively on marketing efforts since 2018. Our methods in website development and social media campaigns are complemented by visual assets designed to resonate with the target audience. The team’s adaptability and strategic planning ensure that all digital marketing efforts are executed seamlessly including ongoing improvements.

Combining Social Media, Ads, and Web Development.

The partnership between Mary Furlong & Associates and Liatto is a great example of how digital marketing can help increase a company’s visibility and influence in a specific market. With innovative strategies and a focus on delivering results, we have helped our client in the longevity ecosystem to achieve growth and success.