eCommerce and Personal Brand

The SIBO Doctor

As The SIBO Doctor needed to evolve, the initial challenge was to develop a membership site to centralize their resources. After a successful deployment of the membership site, the focus shifted towards a comprehensive overhaul of the social media strategy, including content creation and group management. 

Liatto worked with The SIBO Doctor to develop a comprehensive strategy tailored to their specific needs. The collaboration started with the development of a centralized membership platform on Mighty Networks to better distribute valuable resources. Then we created a social media strategy, combined with course launch plans that helped to amplify The SIBO Doctor’s voice online.

Liatto services used:

  • Brand strategy (Building a personal brand

  • Social Media Management (Instagram, LinkTree, Managing groups)

  • Ads Management (Meta Ads)


growth in new users.


total revenue growth.


website engagement time growth.

The Results

Liatto has uplifted The SIBO Doctor brand by addressing specific challenges with adjusted solutions, as well as contributed to the broader mission of spreading professional health knowledge. This collaboration demonstrates well how to foster meaningful engagement and sustained success through organic growth.

Combining Almost All Aspect of Marketing. 

Our team worked closely with The SIBO Doctor to ensure a smooth implementation process. We provided customized solutions and adapted to the evolving needs of The SIBO Doctor to enhance their online community’s growth and engagement.