WeLoveKeys / Metrolocks

WeLoveKeys is a company that operates under 1st Metropolitan Locksmiths (Metrolocks), a UK-based company specializing in everything related to keys. WeLoveKeys provides custom key chains, accessories, key cutting, and full locksmith services. Both companies have established themselves as leaders in the locksmith industry.

Despite their established market position, WeLoveKeys and Metrolocks struggled to effectively sell their products and services online, questioning the viability of attracting a significant audience outside the UK. The primary challenge was to overhaul their online presence, making their offerings appealing and accessible to a wider audience.

Liatto services used:

  • Ads Management (Meta Ads)
  • Social Media Management (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Email Marketing Campaigns

increase inannual sales in 2023 versus 2022


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


increase in conversions.

The Results

The transformation of WeLoveKeys and Metrolocks from traditional locksmith services to e-commerce success reflects the power of expert digital marketing strategies. It’s especially crucial to well understand and address unique industry challenges to sucessfully drive growth and enhance online presence.

Combining Social Media, Ads and Email Marketing. 

The strategy involved a series of carefully planned steps: from website development to the launch and ongoing optimization of Google Ads campaigns. Thanks to our experience in digital marketing we could innovative approach to overcoming challenges such as audience targeting and conversion optimization, guaranteeing a smooth and effective execution.